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Mortgage Options for You


Many Canadian home buyers end up paying too much on their mortgage because they didn’t have the time to sort through the maze of options and features available in today’s mortgage marketplace. All mortgages are not “created equal” and depending your circumstances, one mortgage could be substantially better for you than another.

Most homeowners are not sure whether they should get a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage. Making the wrong choice could cost a home owner thousands of dollars in extra mortgage payment.

The best mortgage rates are “negotiated” and not “quoted” by any banks or mortgage brokers.

For more information on the various loan programs, click on the mortgage options that interest you:

  1. Bad credit mortgage
  2. Self-employed & business-for-self mortgage
  3. Home refinancing or debt consolidation
  4. Getting a home equity loan
  5. First time home buyer mortgage
  6. Buy with 5% or no money down
  7. New immigrant mortgage
  8. Renewing your mortgage
  9. Need a private or second mortgage
  10. Leaky condo or foreclosed property financing

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