Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

falsecreek280.jpgWhy use a mortgage broker?
A Mortgage Broker or Advisor provides a valuable and convenient service to home owners. Most home owners use mortgage brokers to shop for the best mortgage rates.  Others like the personal service and advice they get from their mortgage advisors.

The benefits for using a mortgage adviser are:

  1. A mortgage broker will save you time – Searching for the best rate involves going from bank to bank and this will take a significant amount of time. There are many different types of mortgage  products which may be intimidating for new borrowers. Furthermore, most people do not know what kind of questions to ask when negotiating mortgage terms.
  2. Get the best mortgage rates – Shopping the various banks on your own will not get you the best mortgage rates. Your mortgage advisor has to offer you the best mortgage rates, or he or she is not getting your business.
  3. Get the best mortgage products – Mortgage brokers work with multiple sources and can arrange financing from a Chartered Bank, Trust Company, Credit Union, or private lender. On your own, you will not know other better mortgage plans available.
  4. Avoid costly mistakes – Selecting the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of dollars in interest payment, or penalty if you have to break your mortgage contract.
  5. Personalized service – Home financing is a highly competitive business, and most mortgage brokers offer personalized, professional and timely service to their clients.
  6. Commercial mortgages and business loans

Financing of a commercial mortgage or business loan depends greatly on the the quality of the income and borrower’s financial backing. There are requirements that a bank needs to be satisfied before a business loan or commercial mortgage can be approved.

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