Vancouver Mortgage Investment

February 23, 2014

Mortgage Investment in Vancouver BC.

Are you in search of better return for your money? Tired of getting low returns for your money in money market and fixed income investments? Find out more about your investment options here.

Vancouver mortgage investment

Ordinary Canadian can participate investing in higher return mortgage investments that are available through many of the Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC) in B.C. In Vancouver, Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation provides investors a passive way of investing their money for higher return than GIC and most other assets.

MICs have been around since 1973 when federal legislation was enacted by the Canadian Government to promote private financing and making it easier for Canadians to invest in mortgages.

MICs are one of the lesser known asset classes in Canada, despite yielding solid long-term returns to investors and despite being RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and RESP eligible in most cases. For many Vancouver investors, MICs, with their strict audit and reporting regulations, are a more streamlined, transparent and effective way of investing in mortgages and real estate.

Mortgage investment through many of the Vancouver MIC are appropriate for investors seeking higher yields and interest income compared to money market and fixed income investments, and for those who are seeking a consistent stream of income. Most MICs are suitable for investors with a low to moderate tolerance for risk.

Vanguard Mortgage Investment Corporation offers investors:

  • Predictable income. *Income is distributed quarterly, which an investor can reinvest to earn compounded returns.
  • Low volatility. Vanguard’s mortgages are short term in nature (typically 6 to 18 months), which allows hedging against interest-rate risk and real estate market conditions.
  • Security. Vanguard’s mortgages are secured by real properties – diversify  portfolios across several markets, types of mortgages and properties.
  • Liquidity. An investor can access his/her capital early (certain restrictions apply) in the event you need it – not tied to the maturity date of individual mortgages.

* The company don’t provide fixed returns and past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

If you live in Vancouver or any part of the lower mainland of Vancouver, and like to have more info about investing and transferring your RRSP, TFSA, RESP and other registered investments to Vanguard, you are welcome to contact me (Elsie Tse) at 604-716-3369 or Email Me 

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