Mortgage brokers handling growing number of deals

January 21, 2010

By James Pasternak, Financial Post – January 21, 2010.

When Hamilton, Ont., residents and partners Kathy Funke and Dan Perryman wanted to purchase an investment residential property in 2000, they did what most Canadians do when it’s time to borrow. They headed to the bank branches in their area.

They shopped around a bit, made lots of phone calls, compared mortgage conditions and rates and then signed.

“That was our first experience. We didn’t really know where to start. And I didn’t know anything about mortgage brokers at that time. The bank seemed like the obvious place to start,” said Ms. Funke,

But in retrospect, they found the whole experience exhausting.

“During our first experience we tried to shop around. The banks discouraged that. They gave us some story that because we had a mortgage being approved and when another bank does the same thing it shows that another mortgage is being approved,” said Ms. Funke.

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