Canadian economic growth’s lost decade

November 11, 2009

OTTAWA — It may one day be remembered as the lost decade, in economic terms, The Canadian Press

A new report published by the TD Bank says Canada is headed for a decade of stagnant growth that will test the budgets of Canadian households and governments alike.

The bank says a combination of post-recession adjustments, the aging population and low productivity will limit Canada’s potential growth to about two per cent over the next 10 years.

That is two-thirds the level of growth experienced the previous two decades, the report says.

And it could be even more muted than that. The bank said the ”other elephant in the room“ that could further depress economic growth is the measures governments may adopt to control climate change. Read more

CMHC – Canada’s Breaking Point

November 8, 2009

Is there a housing bubble in Canada?

Below is are quotes from an article published by Jonathan Tonge of the America Canada Blog.

“Everyone here is probably very well aware of who CMHC is. For any international visitors, CMHC was formed as a crown corporation in Canada after World War II to address the shortage in housing. It’s mandate was to make home ownership accessible to all Canadians. CMHC primary deliverables is mortgage insurance and mortgage backed securities. Think Fannie and Freddie”.

“In 2008, Canadian home prices started to dip as affordability became the worst on record in many cities. CMHC admits that it was ordered to approve as many high risk borrowers as possible to prop up the housing market and keep credit flowing. 42% of all high risk applications were approved, a 33% increase over 2007”. “Even at the zenith of the US housing bubble, prices peaked around $230,000 US while incomes were around $47,000 US. In Canada, incomes are $44,000 and prices are now at $326,613”.

Read the full article here.

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