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Buy Or Sell First?

newtownhouse2.jpg Buy or sell first when you are planning to make a move?

If you wish to move from your present home, you need to free up your equity as down payment for the home you wish to purchase. This may be a complicated process depending on your financial status. Read the story »

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Private Mortgages Available

Private mortgages at very competitive terms. Interest only payments. Closed or Fully open terms.

(a) Based on Equity – May free up to 80% of your home equity.

(b) Quick Turnaround – We are fast with approval and funding.

(c) We require to have a current appraisal on your property value.

Free up your equity – call us now

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Note: a broker fee is pyable for all private mortgages with borrower’s written consent.

Reversed Mortgage Increased 42% in the 4th Quearter, 2011.

The desire by seniors to age in place is driving the demand for reversed mortgage

Home equity loan reversed mortgage for seniorsThe need for an improved cash flow in retirement is leading to record number of reverse mortgages in Canada, according to a HomEquity Bank study.

Reverse mortgage origination was up 42% in the fourth quarter of 2011. On an annual basis, the company originated $239 million in reverse mortgages, a 16% year over year jump.

Over the next 20 to 25 years, the Canadians population over 55 years will reach 10 million. Retirement tools such as reverse mortgage are going to get more popular. Read the story »